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These I discovered in the Boston fern hanging above the front door. Birds appear to like the porch. Last year, one nested in the dessicated Christmas wreath that was still hanging come springtime. (I figured that out when four scrawny, blind chicks fell on the floor, one plop after the next, from a great height, when I tried to take it down. I used an electricity bill to scoop them back up, before replacing the nest and the wreath, apparently to no ill effect).

After a quick consult with Prof. Google, we figured these are either from a robin or more likely and prosaically a finch. You might put long odds on mockingbird, if only for the allusive potential that could come into play if I forget about the nest and continue to water the fern.

Stella Bugs Out

From K: A ladybug starts flying around the kitchen table light. Stella goes into her usual hysterics about “bugs,” wailing and crying. I get the bug.

O: (imperiously) Stella bugs can NOT hurt you, except bees which sting you all the time. Ladybugs are nice. Butterflies are nice. Ants are nice.

S: No, Oh-ber!!!! No!!! Ladybugs are very bad and dey sting me on duh ear!!!

O: Stella, laybugs do not sting and butterflies do not sting

S: NO OH-BER!!!! Duh butterflies are not nice and dey chew off my legs!!

Me: Stella, I don’t think any ladybugs will chew off your legs.

S: They dooooo Mom!!! At night!! When you is sleeping. They come in my room!!

Me: Stella that is not true.

S: It isss!!!! Mom!!! It is!! And the stinkbugs bad too. They eat my eyeballs!!

Me: Uhhhhh.

O: Mom!! Mom!! Will they eat my eyeballs??!! Mom!!! DID they eat my eyeballs and so this is why I have glasses??!!

S: Oh no!!! Oh dear!! I need glasses too!!?? Cuz stinkbugs??? I can’t see!!!