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  1. Dearest Vix,Love the print on that frock & the cut is super classy too, you look wonderful. It was so hot today that I couldn't even continue with my biannual house cleaning extravaganza. I ended up re-potting the house plants on the balcony instead…it was sweltering and I stripped down to a pair of hotpants & a bra top, it's bonkers to think it's October tomorrow.Have a grand old weekend my dear!Lot's of love,JenniexXx

  2. >There's already a lot of grumbling on the left because Obama has not hewed to the party line. But unless they find someone more to their liking, I'm not at all sure they'll abandon him. If they do, though, count on their previous support for him falling down the memory hole.<Wonder if it's a good idea to invest in companies making that stuff that removes sticky gunk. Maybe a lot of people will soon be scrubbing off their Obama bumper stickers.

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