The Talking Game

(As told by Oliver)

In the kitchen:

Dad: So Frances has now…
Frances: Ohber?
Dad: …learned to talk in real sentences, so…
Frances: Ohber!?
Dad: …you need to pay attention…
Frances: OHBBERRR!
Dad: …to her.
Oliver: What is it Frances?
Frances: Goodermthjaybribsakar.
Dad: If you don’t understand her, say “pardon” or “say that again,” OK?
Mum: You know I really don’t like that word “pardon.”
Oliver: Can you say that again, Frances?
Frances: Nooooooooooooooo!
[Oliver storms into the living room and flops on the couch]
Balloon maker: Pppfffffffppffffftttttt!
Frances: Ha, ha, that’s really funny!

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