Frances speaks

Me: Frances, how was preschool?
F: There was a bad baby.
Me: A bad baby?
F: Yes
M: Why, what did the bad baby do?
F: She hit me!!!
M: She hit you? Oh no.
F: It hurt!!
M. What was her name??
F: Jooooolia.
M: Oh dear. Where did she hit you?
F: Uhhhh. On my arm.
M: I see, and what happened?
F: I told Miss Jackie!!!
M: you told Miss Jackie??
F: Yes
M: And what happened?
F: Joooooolya had time out! Because she is a bad baby! Miss Jackie said!
M: Right. this is why we don’t hit. Right?
F: But sometimes I hit Stella.
M: Right, which is bad. We shouldn’t hit, right?
F: Uh, sometimes I hit Stella.
M: But should we hit Stella?
F: Uh. Yes.

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