8 thoughts on “FSR: Still annoyed, only more so”

  1. You are fastlnticaaly prolific! It’s nice to get to know you through this blog, and thank you so much for stopping by! Looking forward to reading more about your writing travels. Dawn

  2. A person has a legal right to their free credit report once a year from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Annualcreditreport.com takes you to each agency’s website to obtain your free report. A credit inquiry made by yourself does not show up as an inquiry and will not effect your credit report.

  3. Bryan,I don't see a huge problem with that version of the ad. I actually worked for a while in the "classified special sections" department at a major daily, and there was no way they would let us co-opt the nameplate of the newspaper for this type of stuff. We couldn't use the same headline fonts, body fonts, etc.The knock-off front page is really bad. thanks for your comment.

  4. doresc sa imi montez la casa centrala pe gaz,pe calorifere,as avea nevoie de 6 calorifere. de cati kw ar trebui sa fie centrala? si in medie cam cat mi-ar veni gazul pe luna?as mai avea o nedumerire,care ar fi mai rentabila,din toate punctele,cea pe gaz sau cea pe lemne?va rog din suflet,astept un raspuns. va multumesc

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