Frances Strassel Rose

She took less time to create than the deficit-reduction deal, and with somewhat less disruption and last-minute wrangling, our very own soon-to-be-phased-out itemized deduction: Frances Strassel Rose. (Stats: 3 a.m. or so Aug 1, 6lbs, 7oz, 18.5 inches.) She came out scowling, but that aside, seems to be in tiptop health, as is K, who must be commended for holding it in until the debt ceiling was fixed.

[Previously, Oliver and Stella]

9 thoughts on “Frances Strassel Rose”

  1. She doesn’t look cross now that she is with her brother and sister. Beautiful photos – and so happy all is well. Lots of love to you all. Congratulations too to Mike, Annie, Lilian and all the family in Oregon. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Philip xxxxxx

  2. Wonderful wonderful news. Many congratulations indeed. She looks adorable, and adored. Many hugs and kisses to you all, and especially to Kim. Jonny

  3. Frances! May your overdrafts be but little ones. If not little, may they be economically sustainable. If not sustainable, may you be too big to fail.

    On a different note. I have a photograph of Matthew pouting just like Frances, from ages ago.

    And Oliver and Stella seem so proud!

  4. Ah…….what wonderful pictures! She certainly resembles her brother and sister! Congratulations to all! Can hardly wait to meet her!

  5. Congratulations! Oliver with two sisters and such lovely ones. Your hands will be full but wonderfully so.

  6. She is just so cute – truly a little doll! And her siblings seem excited, too. Sending warm wishes and contrats to you and your family. Welcome Frances!

    - Jennifer Levitz

  7. Welcome to your beautiful new daughter, congratulations to you all. We look forward to meeting her on your next visit to London. Lots of love Tony and Pam xxxxx

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