Princess Shock Horror

K emails: It’s hard to think of many circumstances where Stella could trap me with this, but then again “The King’s Speech” isn’t your usual movie.

Me: Stella, I wanted you to know that mommy and daddy are going to a movie tonight.
S: Can I come?
Me: Sorry dear, but it is a grown-up movie.
S: Why?
Me: It’s about grown up things?
S: Like what?
Me: Just things that kids can’t see.
S: Well, okay. Because if it was movie that had a princess or a queen in it, then you would have to take me.

I stare at her, thinking about the fact that this is a movie about, ahem, a king, a queen, and that it presumably includes their daughter—a princess. Stella sees the look on my face.

S: MOMMY. DOES it have a queen or a princess??
Me (weakly): Yes. But it is a grown-up movie about a queen and a princess.
S: I cannot believe you are going to a movie about a princess and not taking me.

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