Christmas in Oregonia


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7 thoughts on “Christmas in Oregonia”

  1. Loved looking at these. Did Oliver get an i phone from a very generous Santa? If so don’t tell Thomas,

    Love Hx

  2. The photographs are wonderful – I especially love seeing Christmas in Oregonia – it always looks so magical.

  3. My sisters completely adore this movie! They have ever since it first came out!?NOME!!G!? OMG WHAT?! I think I need to make a blog for gnome appearances! ;-D

  4. While my husband was preparing Cal-French cuisine for high paying guests I was left at home to fend for myself — a foodie but not a cook. I turned to my cooking trinity: Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham, our complete collection of Cook’s Illustrated and Jacques Pepin (La Methode &La TeuiShqce.)P.n. My husband wanted me to add his first cookbook experience – The Joy of Cooking.

  5. Embora não morra de amores por Pacheco Pereira, reconheço a sua inteligência e dou por mim sensibilizado com o modo como aborda certos temas. Dito isto, não seria de pôr Pacheco Pereira a dar explicações a Seguro sobre como fazer oposição a este Governo?

  6. Opa ogora com esta regra :iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -d -p udp -m udp –dport 1194 -j ACCEPTconectou agora estou com a mesma situação nos dois servidores conecto mas nao nao vejo nada na rede acho que ainda é no iptables que surra estou tomando

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