Oliver called K at work. “MOM, MOM I have to tell you something AWESOME. My tooth fell out at SCHOOL! Yeah, yeah. I was sitting on the rug where we do ‘calender’ and then I felt it—yeah, yeah—and I felt it FALL OUT on to the rug where we sit, and I picked it up and now I have NO tooth, isn’t that COOL?”

3 thoughts on “Toothless”

  1. Why does Oliver spell “calendar” the the same way the Swedes do when they try to write in English? Is he secretly Swedish? Does he pronounce it “caLENDer”? (Or was he making paper and actually using a calender?)

  2. Many congrats, Olibuh. Thomas’s have been falling like nine-pins. His mouth resembles Tom’s after Jerry’s just hurled a billiard ball through them. Good for straws, but steak’s a challenge.

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